Financial matters

Subsidies and bursaries

  • To help to cover the extra costs, you can apply for assistance from the scheme administered by the Office of Education and Student Affairs’ (Radboud Health Academy-RHA-STiP). This subsidy is only available for Nijmegen students.
  • You can apply to the ‘DUO-groep’ for cash in place of the use of your OV-card, while you are in another country. This is only possible for 4 months. Ask NIIH for a special letter for OV reimbursement.

Affiliation fees

  • The hospitals, health centres or public health departments in the developing countries where the students stay, like all the institutions in which Nijmegen students have an studentship, receive an affiliation fee for the guidance and supervision they provide. The reimbursement is not intended for the student’s own use or for his or her accommodation and other costs. Students who are not enrolled at Nijmegen must pay this amount themselves.
  • In Surinam you have to pay first 100 Euro yourself for the internship at Medische Zending.€ 50,- for supervison and € 50,- for accommodation. You can get € 50,- reimbursed at the Office Bureau Buitenland of the Diakonessenhuis.